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I have travelled enough to realise the advantages of travelling light (including when you go hiking or sailing!). I would like to share with you some thoughts on how you can reduce the weight of your “burden” and maximise your travelling experience while minimising your negative footprint on the environment…

Apart from the obvious fact that it’s easier to move around due to the small weight you are carrying, it will open more “backdoors” with locals as you won’t have a “tourist flag” over your head. Too much luggage marks you as a typical tourist.

Travelling light also makes you a more responsible traveller since you are reducing the CO2 emissions of your adventure travel while using transport (including airplanes, buses e.t.c.).

Here are some useful tips in order to achieve the above…

green_bullet Use a relatively small bag. If possible, use a size that can fit in the overhead bin of an airplane which will also save you time when you arrive at your destination. Plus a small bag sits on your lap or under your seat in the bus, taxi, and airplane.

green_bullet Use soft backpacks instead of hard cases or the ones with a hard part. Not only they are lighter but also they can be stored easier (i.e. in a sailing boat you will gain more space in your cabin).

green_bullet Pack light and smart. Spread out everything you think you might need. Pick up each item and ask yourself whether you really need it. Do you really need to take your sun cream, shampoos e.t.c.; You can always buy such inexpensive items at your destination and then leave them or offer them as a present to someone. You also have the perfect excuse to go into a store, communicate with locals, and pick up something you think might be body lotion…

green_bullet One trick to pack smart is by rolling your clothes or beach towel instead of folding them. If you like reading, you may wish to invest in an e-book. It will save you so much weight!

green_bullet Contact your holiday provider ahead about what you will need to bring with you.

green_bullet Bring layers of clothes rather than take a heavy coat. Think in terms of what you can do without.

green_bullet Whether you’re travelling for three weeks or three months, pack exactly the same.

green_bullet Pack your bag only two-thirds full to leave room for something else you may purchase.

green_bullet The bulk of your luggage is clothing. Minimize it by bringing less and washing more often.

green_bullet Choose clothes that dry quickly or don’t wrinkle easily.

green_bullet Don’t worry about appropriate dressing. During the tourist season people dress casual. If you join us for hiking or sailing in Greece, you’ll be wearing most of the day your swim suit or shorts.

green_bullet Remember that you wish to blend in. Check about local customs as you don’t want to offend locals.

Remember pack less and smart!

green_bullet Read about our responsible travel policy!

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