Walker Reviews

Since the beginning of our Nofootprint adventure in 2012, we have received many positive reviews and feedback from our clients all over the world!

In this section, we have gathered all our happy walker reviews. Feel free to browse them… 

Thank you for your comments and support!


11-19 September

“The most memorable part of the holiday was seeing a young wolf running along the road ahead of us while we were driving on a mountain track through a forest! It was excellent, not only wonderful walking in a very little known area of Northern Greece, but plenty of opportunity to experience local life and visit the delightful villages in the area and walk the traditional paths and bridges built many years ago by local people. The walking was well balanced with tough days interspersed with easier days. Plenty of good local food and wine. The scenery was breath taking. Our guide was very helpful and very knowledgeable of local customs, flora and fauna as well as the mountains. Definitely 5 stars. Olive, UK


“Long days with climbs through dramatic high mountain scenery, shorter days among mountain villages and ancient footpaths. Each day delightful different, with excellent friendly accommodation and guide. Highly recommended!” Martin, UK




12-20 September

“Amazing holiday! I would wholeheartedly recommend this holiday for people who are into walking, nature and a bit of off-the-beaten track experiences! The hikes and the activities we did with our small group were varied and each one was a memorable experience full of connection with nature, history, simplicity and presence. Some of the highlights were the herbal walk with Aris, visits of the old chapels and the monastery, 360 views of the island, drinking water out of natural springs and eating fruit off the trees while walking, the sunset in Pefkoulia beach, and coming across the road to ‘Nowhere’ just before the cyclone. I admire Daphne’s knowledge, flexibility and the spontaneity and would like to join her on other trips in the future!” Marina, UK

“Excellent holiday! Incredible views from the top of Lefkada’s mountains, lovely tavern dinner with the herbalist and other local friends (and 36 hours in hibernation as the islands were hit by,  once-in-generation cyclone Ionas). I hope to be able to return to the Greek islands. Nofootprint looked after me very well indeed and I would definitely book with them again.” Jenny, UK


19-29 September

“Hiking all over the hillsides of Naxos & Amorgos on ancient trails was a terrific way to see the beauty of the countryside, enjoy the wildflowers and get a strong sense of the island’s history. However, I think the most memorable part will be the good company we had with Annie , our guide and host. We learned a lot from her about modern Greece and the traditional Greek culture as well. I strong recommend this holiday!” Charis, Switzerland


13 October

“We both agreed that Naxos was our favourite of the islands. We did a coastal walk from Pyrgaki on the first day. It was a real surprise to find such a long stretch of pristine beaches with so few people on them, especially as the weather was like July!.. The last two days we did the Apeiranthos-Chalki and Filoti-Zas walks. These were possibly the highlight of the whole trip, with fantastic mountain scenery, charming villages and lots of vultures circling over the top of Fanari as we climbed up to it.

The route notes were excellent with lots of interesting reading material. All of the accommodations were really good – especially Anixis.” Niall, Denmark


12 October

“We wanted to convey to you and your team (esp. Anna), the wonderful time we had on our recent hiking trip to Naxos and Amorgos! Anna really made the walks so interesting and challenging. The islands are stunning in their scenery and natural beauty. We three feel so invigorated after the trip and hope to return soon.” Anne & Michael, Ireland



4 October

“We had a fantastic trip. Melita was a wonderful guide as I knew she would be. I would definitely like to do a trip next year… I’ve started to get feedback from my group, and all in all, they claim it was the trip of a lifetime for them…” Dina’s group, USA


2 October

Naxos & Amorgos walking holiday“Thank you so much for truly enhancing our Greek walking trip. The parts of the islands we have experienced with you have been very special and I will treasure my photographs and memories. I have also really enjoyed your company! Much love.” Sue, UK

“Thank you! Great walks! Great meals! Great insights! Loved every miute. Love.” Tina, Germany

“Dearest Dimitra, you have been a star! The walks have been so enjoyable and you have been so interesting. Thank you! love.” Katie, UK

“Thank you so much for looking after us all and guiding us through the history and geography of this beautiful island. It was a perfect holiday. Will never forget the magic of the beach walk yesterday. xx” Beth, UK

“Thank you for sharing your idyllic island with us and making our stay so memorable. You organised everything beautifully and were such lovely company. It has been a truly wonderful holiday. Please come and visit when you are in the UK.” Sarah, UK


30 September

“Thank you so much for your wonderful organization from start to finish on our 3 days in Lefkada. George was a kind, patient and excellent guide. He helped us greatly and went beyond the call of duty when the ferry was cancelled in Nidri. Nikos (coach driver) was also a fantastic help and Dimitra assisted too. What a lovely team you have. Congratulations!” Denise group, UK



28 September

“I had an absolutely marvelous holiday, thank you! The walks were really amazing… great trails, interesting and entertaining info from Anna, really great company. I really appreciated the perfect mix between nature, culture, great food and moving between the different islands…

This is the first such trip I have undertaken alone and I so enjoyed it. Anna was really great. She is a fantastic, thoughtful, kind and entertaining person. She took great care of our group and was a main ingredient in the fun we had together! You organized a really great trip – there is actually nothing I would have changed about it. I will definitely be coming back to Greece soon…” Mary, Ireland


16 September

“My holiday with nofootprint has to be one of the most memorable holidays I have ever had! Right from the beginning meeting Annie our tour guide and Dimitria (biologist) we were all made to feel at ease and had utter confidence in both.

We were shown so many different types of walks to show off the Cyclades at their best. Mountains valley trails… villages architecture… history and wonderful information on indigenous species plants and village life. What a wonderful experience! We were also introduced to the wonderful food of the islands and their brilliant produce. Annie and Dimitria with their brilliant interpersonal skills helped to keep our group cohesive and we now have forged great friendships with each other… we had soo much fun.

Oh our accommodation was also first class with amazing views… I was traveling on my own and was a bit nervous to begin with but I now will never have worries traveling on my own. Well what else can I say this operator should take a bow for having such wonderful personnel. I will be back…” Ann Tector, UK

“It’s hard to name just one thing as there were so many things – the great walks which were varied and all with fantastic views; the other people in the group and the fact that there were only six of us, from three different countries, so it was easy to get to know each other; eating at local tavernas; our fantastic guides Annie and Dimitra who couldn’t have done more to support us and ensure that everyone was happy, including being flexible with the itinerary and giving various options; the accommodation in the old town in Naxos and with a lovely sea view in Iraklia; good swimming opportunities; a lot of fun, and travelling between islands on the wonderful Express Skopelitis.

I would strongly recommend this to anyone who enjoys moderate walking in great landscapes, with opportunities to swim most days, the company of like-minded folk and with supportive and fun local guides.” Caroline, UK

“Fantastic guides Annie & Dimitria who showed so much care, thoughtfulness & took us on fantastic walks. Loved it and would definitely do more.” Catherine & John, Australia


7 September

“The whole Nofootprint part of our holiday was excellent – and again went according to plan. The most memorable part of the holiday was the walk down the Vikos Gorge. The herbalist talk/walk was terrific – a really enjoyable afternoon. Resort on Lefkada was a good choice as it allowed some variety and a swim in the sea. Nice having breakfast in the garden… Accommodation in Elafotopos was great. Loved Lena. What a host! Daphne was great. What an asset to your business.” Max & Francesca, UK


21 August

“We so enjoyed our holiday in Mt Olympus & Meteora. Daphne was a great guide. Very relaxed and easy to chat to and, obviously, a real expert mountain tour guide. It was fabulous doing the tour as a family as we could chat with Daphne who was very flexible in all our arrangements and timings.

Everywhere we stayed was perfect. We loved the townhouse in Litochoro and, whilst we might have liked to go back there, it was lovely staying on return from the trek in the beach hostel as we really just wanted to chill out and it was perfect for doing that. All the refuges were great as well and it was lovely watching the sunset and the sunrise on the mountains. Our children also had a wonderful time and loved chatting to Daphne. We will certainly be recommending yourselves to our friends.” Deb, Chris, Ben & Martha, UK


7 June

“The Tymfi area had outstanding natural beauty and it would have been better to have more time there… Taking the trip in early June meant an abundance of wild flowers too. Yannis and Daphne were both great fun to travel with, the itinerary was well thought out and everything was seamless thanks to their hard work, not to mention great food, good weather and a nice group. It is fair to say that we enjoyed the experience very much.” Jonathan & Michelle, UK


21 May

“Loved every minute of our stay in Greece, our fantastic guide Annie contributed so much to making our trip very memorable. Annie saw to our every need – walks, food, drinks, swims. I will return.” Joanne, Ireland

“Thanks to Annie for guiding us this week. We loved every minute. The hikes, the accommodations, the company and new friends. We loved being in nature every day!” Christine, Ireland

“This was our first experience in Greece! Annie made sure that it was a quality and memorable trip. She organised a nice, satisfying hike every day – sometimes a bit challenging – and in the end rewarding! We had some nice dining as well, Annie knows all the best tavernas. Hope to come back to the islands again soon. Thanks for such a wonderful introduction. Bonus points for no rain and never too hot for enjoyable walking.” Steve & Joan, USA

“Thank you so much for making this holiday a great experience for us. We enjoyed all those wonderful hikes and can appreciate the beauty of the islands – the restaurants were just lovely and the food delicious. You chose everything so well – and helped us to understand the food, environment and culture so much. Thank you again and we hope to be back.” Deidre, Ireland

“The hikes great great and I enjoyed the scenery and the great people on this trip. Best wishes to you for continuing success as a tour guide.” Nancy, USA


5 May

“A downpour during a short hike in the Ithaca hills could have been a downer as we were completely soaked. But the combination of our guide, Daphnie’s planning and unfailing good cheer, along with our mountain village Taverna’s hostess’ hospitality, warming welcome (including glasses of psipouro and dry clothes!!) and wonderful and continuously replenished, traditional Greek dishes, turned this into one of our most memorable evenings ever.” Jim, UK

“Fabulous. Our guide, Daphnie, was superb, being always willing to adjust the itinerary to suit people and/or weather, the walking and scenery is incredible, the hotels ideally located in small seaside towns, and the restaurants recommended for us throughout the holiday gave us a perfect ‘taste of Greece’.” Yasmine, UK


23 April

“The contrasts between the different islands in terms of landscapes, settlements and even food was something very unexpected that made this a memorable trip. Although the water was cool in April, swimming during a walk was very refreshing. Being in Greece for the Orthodox Easter was an added bonus. The local celebrations, which featured fireworks, were loud, colourful and great fun to observe.

All of the hotels were locally run and the very good restaurants recommended by the guides were run by locals too. This gave you the feeling that you were helping the local economy by using these and other services such as taxis and buses. It was also a wonderful way to sample the varied local cuisine.

This is an excellent walking tour. The guides are welcoming, know the islands and very friendly. The accommodations are all comfortable, with great breakfasts. Walking the beautiful trails and swimming in the turquoise sea with wonderful fellow travelers was a fantastic experience. There is so much to see in these beautiful islands that I feel sure I will be back to see other islands where Nofootprint runs walking tours.” Russel, Australia


10 April

“Annie, once again, you’ve managed to give us a unique experience of Greece and a wonderful walking holiday. It wouldn’t be anything like this special without your professional care and great attention to our well being. Thank you. If it were possible I would make it a seven star holiday on tripadvisor.” Gordon & Jeremy, UK

“Annie, thank you for a fantastic holiday. We have been so lucky to have you as our guide to your beautiful country.” Carys, Wales

“Annie, you wear many hats and do an outstanding job. What a joy this trip has been. I will highly recommend this trip to my friends. Fondly!” Nancy, USA

“Dear Annie, it has been a privilege to make your acquaintance and join your tour. It has given us a unique experience and insight into Hellenic life. Also we have been challenged to complete hikes we did not think we could achieve. So thanks for that.

The holiday has been smoothly organised throughout – we have appreciated having the best restaurants and taverns selected for us, the tastiest dishes recommended and the history and culture of the area explained. Many thanks.” John, UK

“Thank for a wonderful experience. I especially enjoyed the hikes which stretched me almost to the limit. I’m sure I’ll return to experience it again!” Lily, UK


30 March

“Thanks so much. We loved hiking through the hills of flowers and herbs and stone walls.” Mary, USA


1 November

“Hi Annie, just wanted to reassure you that we are back from the Filoti to Zas Circular Trail. It was fantastic! The trail marking is very good and the notes were good too. We didn’t go to the top of Zas because the cloud came in and it was quite windy and cool – but we know we would have managed it if the cloud had not been there.” Don & Linda, New Zealand


17 October

“Dear Annie & Nikos, it was a pleasure walking with you. I planned my trip within couple of days before departure and (thanks to you!) you made it easy and enjoyable. Nikos, your prompt and detailed replies made me commit to this adventure in seconds. Annie, you are great and keep it up. I loved your spirit, knowledge and appreciation for the Greek culture! Through you I was able to relate and associate myself with a local culture! I loved your personality and I’m definitely coming back!” Rena, USA


17 September

“Thank you for a wonderful trip. Everything has been smooth and stress free! Your guide books are easy to follow and accurate (I especially love the advice… rest under the olive tree… then walk up the steep hill). I am certain I would not have found so many local secrets without your advice and guidance! I appreciate the support as a solo traveller and value your research and work. Thank you! Efcorestoe!” Brenda, Canada


5 September

“The guides, Annie and Melita, were fantastic and showed me a part of Greece I never would have seen. I especially loved how they took care of ordering our food and introduced to us to the Cretan delicacies. Meeting new, like-minded people is always a highlight of a group tour. Wonderful holiday in all ways. A great value. Thanks!” Dina & Ralph, USA


2 June

“Thanks to beautiful Crete, dazzling blue and white, splashing of vibrant flora. But always a generous people, even in the face of tourist rudeness. We are so blessed by Loutro and its people! And without you – your creative problem solving, your commitment to choosing special activities, your willingness to spend all your time with us, your positive attitude and energy, our experience would have been so different. Many efharistos!” Ward and Gale, USA


26 May

“Everything was exciting: the weather, scenery, local food and drinks were marvellous (well, I don’t think there’s an appropriate adjective to describe the kind of emotions the environment provokes). Barren rocks and mountains with peaks touching the clouds, the sun’s warmth, warm and quiet southern nights with almost no light pollution, mountain breeze touch, smell of drying mountain herbs, sound of waves washing the shore, calm deep-blue sea spreading out at the horizon, and rocky walking paths provided quite a refuge from everyday chores of the city life.

Narrow streets of peaceful island villages, small street cafes and taverns with food-sharing dinners and suppers, and tiny local dwellings decorated with plants and flowers remind constantly of what the appropriate human scale actually is. The intricate mix of contemporary dwellings and ancient ruins generated the feeling that time doesn’t reign over this realm and the low level of development made the place feel almost unreal.

So it’s quite difficult to single out the most exciting part of the journey; however, the most unusual experience was a night walk in complete darkness to Aegiali with only stars above, goats bleating (but unseen) and livestock bells ringing all around; the idea was simple but the enjoyment was enormous. This kind of simplicity was the most prominent and attractive feature of the holiday experience. Superb.” Alexander, Russia


6 May 2018

“The most memorable part was the fact that our excellent Greek guide was able to give us so much information about the islands, and also about Greek life in general. Through her we met a number of locals and felt it was altogether a very Greek experience. Daphne could be flexible and adapt walks and activities to our preferences.

We had a fascinating mountain walk with a local herbalist who showed us countless plants and explained their medicinal or other uses. Daphne was not only patient, tireless and informative, but she was also very good company! The beauty of the islands was also memorable. Excellent. The description beforehand was very accurate and our guide, Daphne, could not have been better. Thank you.” Crista, UK


12 May 2018

“Another very special and memorable holiday – a great mixture of fun and special moments; times to truly remember. Thank you.” Gordon, Scotland

“Thank you for a really fantastic week – I enjoyed it all but the one minor mishap. You have a great sense of humour and wonderful laugh. Hope you have a good summer and see you next year!” Cherry, UK

“Thank you for all the fun, the challenges of the walks (!) – your good sense of humour, selection of restaurants, and your information about the islands. I loved it and hope to return for another week. All the best.” Therese, USA

“Thank you for my introduction to Greece! It has been an incredible trip. I loved the hikes, swims, food and most of all your leadership for all we experienced. All the best.” Deborah, USA


20 April

“Dear Annie, I had the greatest time. I can’t believe my legs lasted the 2 weeks – it must have been your charming personality helping to keep the aches and pains away. The Small Cyclades are wonderful and I certainly hope to be back. Thank you ever so much!” Susan, NZ

“Thanks. You showed us the best time and how worthwhile it is to get off the beaten track and see the Small Cyclades. Had a wonderful time!” Deb, NZ


7 Αpril 2018

“Annie has shown me the best of Naxos & Amorgos – an experience I never could have had on my own. All the fascinating tales of village and island life and history! The quaint taverns with amazing food and raki,, the beautiful flowers and their uses, the lovely company… all have made my holiday extra special. The islands are beautiful, but made more so with such an entertaining, thoughtful and knowledgable guide.” Jocelyn, UK


5 Nov 2017

“Thank you again for all your help in planning my Greek hiking holiday. I enjoyed the wonderful hikes, our conversations, the meals, hotels and best of all sharing this special time with you… Take good care. Big hug.” Justine, Canada



5 Oct 2017

“It was truly a wonderful experience…I would not hesitate to do another trip this way. Having local guides like you to not only map the walks but explain the local fauna and flora, the history and culture and introduce us to taverna owners and others was invaluable. Thank you. Greece was one of the most beautiful and hospitable places I have ever visited and I hope to return to see more. I appreciated the openness and generosity with which people shared their love of the country and the land as well as the hardships and challenges of current political and economic conditions.

The situation on Santorini was particularly troubling – the dependence on tourism in contrast to the obvious and critical degradation of the environment that uncontrolled tourism brings. Although the natural beauty was stunning, the island seemed overrun by tour busses and luxury hotels (even in “low season”). I would definitely recommend Naxos and Crete – both still unspoiled and beautiful. I hope you and others can be supported to keep them that way. We as relatively wealthy Americans will also try our best to travel “lightly” and respect local communities.” Suzan, USA


16 Sept 2017

“Thank you for all the beautiful walks & the best swimming in the Med!” Guinevere, UK

“Thank you!!! What an amazing adventure, I love everything about the Small Cyclades. Keep in touch – let me know if you ever come to Australia! xx” Kyra, Australia

“Another wonderful holiday! New things to see – I loved Mt. Zas and the museum in Naxos town. Thank you for all your efforts. Best wishes.” Peter, UK

“We had a great week with you – up hill, down hill, in the seas, in the taverns! Thanks so much.” Nick, UK


26 Aug 2017

“Thank you so much for being such a perfect guide and showing us so many beautiful things and places. It was our first sailing experience and we absolutely loved it! Dear Antonis, our “seabreeze captain”. Thank you for your smile, your good humour and for being such a great skipper! we will miss you both and hope we will meet again. Thank you again for this great experience & the good laughs. Kisses & hugs.” Sylvie & Volker, Switzerland

“Dear Annie & Antonia, It’s been a pleasure meeting you and spending a week together. Kimolos will be hard to forget, Sifnos’ paths were a lovely surprise. The beginning at Marpissa and the ending at Prodromos make the perfect frame of this wonderful experience. This was our first sailing week and the first of many others. We will just remember the pills for Maurizio. Thank you. See you next year!” Serena & Maurizio, Italy

“Dear Annie & Antonis, another fantastic experience on and under the waves or the paths of the Cycladic islands under the constant blow of the Aegean Sea… we didn’t only visit fantastic places but also once again met new people that became our friends. We filled our batteries for the long winter that is awaiting for us in Innsbruck. Kisses.” Katerina & George, Greece


3 June 2017

“Thanks for a great week! The 2 islands we explored were both so different from each other – made for a great experience. It was also brilliant that each day we had the possibility for frequent swims, needed to cool down! Enjoyed the variety of information you had on the islands. All the best.” Leanne, Australia

“Thank you for making our holiday so good. Following your introduction to the Cyclades, we will definitely come back, especially to Sifnos. You gave us everything we want from a holiday, good walks, good food, lovely beaches and coves and lots of interesting information about the places we visited. Thank you!” Kathy & Ian, UK


27 May 2017

“Thanks for a really enjoyable week in Naxos & Amorgos. I have enjoyed our walks exploring the parts of the islands that many people never sea…” Neil, UK


6 May 2017

“Thank you for a wonderful visit to Tinos. I have so enjoyed the walks, and learnt so much about the island’s unique culture. Thank you for planning a fantastic itinerary every day. I feel inspired and invigorated!” Carys, UK

“Annie, you have the magic touch when it comes to holidays… and people… a rare gift but very precious. Thank you again for a week full of fun, laughter, seeing amazing Greece and your company.” Gordon, Scotland

“Thank you for beautiful days in the sun, with great food, marvellous landscapes, a lot of knowledge, atmosphere, culture, landscapes, botany, the people. You make us feel welcome and comfortable.” Erik, Norway


29 April 2017

“Many thanks for making our return to Greece and our first visit to Naxos and the Small Cyclades so enjoyable. We particularly appreciated the chance to get away from the usual tourist centres and spend time in beautiful, quiet countryside. This is how we like to walk!

Wonderful weather too – you obviously have friends in high places! Another facet of this special holiday was the small, friendly nature of the accommodation selected for us. Just right. Iraklia was without doubt our favourite stop, so quiet,, so relaxing and Nikos so hospitable. Last but not least, our thanks to you for sharing your extensive local knowledge with us. It makes all the difference.” Honor & Jamie, UK

Naxos, Iraklia & Amorgos came to life for us under your guidance. Your willingness and ability to share with us your extensive knowledge of the history, flora and fauna and local traditions has been greatly appreciated. It was fantastic to witness your respect of and passion for the environment – you personify the “nofootprint” ethos. Thanks for the friendship, great food and the many laughs shared with Andrew, Jane and Jamie and Honor. Fond regards and best wishes for a successful season ahead. xx” Joy & Ken, Australia

“Bravo! The things beyond your control were perfect – the group was great and the weather superb. Of course the scenery was awesome, the things you can control – wonderful!!! You had everything planned and were forever looking after our best interests, whether we knew it or not! The walks were great and you chose which to do and the routes to take to suit the group – well done. Love & best wishes from Andrew & Jane xxx.” Jane & Andrew, Australia


15 April 2017

“We have had a lovely week with company well organised everything by Annie. Fabulous walks with sea views and spring flowers and the aroma of herbs in the breeze. My third holiday with Annie who is always in good form. Thanks a lot for everything and see you again sometime. Much love.” Anne-Marie, UK

“What an amazing holiday in Milos & Sifnos! My first time in the Greek islands! A trip that will not be forgotten! Will have to come back to the lighthouse at Kamares… some day soon! Thanks again for the amazing week – everything was organise to a T! The company was grand!” Maja & Carrie, Holland


18 March 2017

“Thank you for this amazing walking holiday in Santorini & Naxos. Wonderful islands! I loved spending time in nature, with Ed, Emma, Kim, Sze Mei and you Annie. All our adventure trips were so much beautiful and surprising. I’ll come back to Greece, definitely.” Lea, France

“Thanks so much for a wonderful time – loved every bit of our trip. Greece is a wonderful country with warm people and very very yummy food! Really appreciated the care that you’ve taken to ensure my dietary restrictions don’t stop me from enjoying the local cuisine. I’d definitely recommend your services to my friends – loved the variety each day had been. All the best to you!” Sze Mei, Malaysia

“A BIG “TERIMA KASIH” (Thank you) Annie for giving us such an unforgettable time in Greece. This is one of my best holidays ever and because of you, I’m now hooked with walking holidays. Thanks for the wonderful introduction to the Greek cuisine, you never fail to surprise us every evening with the wonderful finales of great food after a long day of walking. I really hope to be back and to have you guiding us on many more explorations of this amazing country called Greece! Love.” Kim, Malaysia

“Our first trip to Greece far surpassed our expectations. The wild flowers were out and colourful, the weather was sunny and comfortable for walking, and although many places were still closed Annie found delicious food and comfortable places to stay. As we travelled from Santorini to Naxos we found the hikes increasingly interesting and diverse… Thanks to Annie, our walking was never boring – always something new to see and learn. Thank you for a wonderful two weeks of exploring Greek islands filled with beauty and history.” Emma, USA

“Annie, thank you for your guidance through our walking holiday. Form me it was a perfect way to spend two glorious weeks walking and enjoying great views and history. I appreciated my quiet time walking while you and Emma solved all the world problems. I will definitely remember “Skopelitis” in a good adventure way. I will also recommend this tour to our friends back home. I took more pictures on this trip than any other one, and I will send you the good ones.” Ed, USA


17 September 2016

2016-09-25-18-05-26“What an amazing holiday! The people, food and landscape, especially seeing the other islands from Mt Zas – amazing! The local people are really friendly & helpful and their cooking is fantastic! This was the best organised walking holiday we’ve been on and that was totally down to the Guide – nothing was too much trouble and she went out of her way to help us. We will be back in spring next time for the flowers. Thanks.” Joanne & Ewan, UK


1 June 2016

2016-06-10-11-36-19“I had a fantastic holiday. Ten out of ten possible. Walking in beautiful landscapes, visiting fantastic beaches and wonderful villages, meeting Greek people and eating great food. The guide was large part of that. Very professional and with a big heart. xx” Eric, Norway

“Loved Milos… great guide and beautiful lady… great company… super colours, what more? Happy travels.” Jill, UK


14 May 2016
24-may“I’m already thinking about my next trip to Greece! Your thoughtful attention to detail before my arrival and all through the week made this a truly memorable and delightful experience. Thank you so much for introducing me to your beautiful country – and for being such a lovely guide to our congenial group. I hope to see you again either in Greece or when you come to the States. Warm regards.” Susan, USA

2016-05-16-12-50-08“Thank you very much for an excellent guided trip in Naxos. We enjoyed it very much and we appreciated your expertise in planning out our routes and getting us out there on time. There were many highlights, the ascent to Mt. Zas being one of the best. We enjoyed the company of the other participants and thus met new friends and spent a convivial time at meal times, breakfasts e.t.c. Had it not been for your local knowledge, your expertise in organizing things, the trip would have been anywhere but enjoyable.” Ken & Val, Scotland


30 April 2016

syrosandtinos“Thank you for the interesting walks and meals. Also for your help on Thursday with my travelling arrangements! Your “flexible” friend.” Annie, UK

“Thank you for the fab walks and all your knowledge. Also your cheerfulness. Love.” Hannah, UK


23 April 2016

DSCN6170“Thank you for the most wonderful week… if magic can bedescribed as making people see things that are too fantastic to believe, then you have produced magic for us on this holiday… stunning views, wonderful swimming, cultural riches and the special nature of the Greek people. All of this would have been impossible without your knowledge, care and professionalism. We’ll miss your humour, laugh and smile and our return to the UK will seem quite dull without you. I hope the summer goes well and I’m sure we will return.” Gordon & Anne, Scotland & UK

Gordon-7-Ann“Annie, It has been a pleasure meting you and going on some beautiful walks together with all the groups. Thanks again and good luck in the future.” Anne, UK

“There can be few better ways of being introduced to the wonderful country of Greece than those days with nofootprint. You brought us into contact with some wonders. These included swimming in little coves with turquoise waters, trekking through the countryside with all the wonders of nature on all sides. Added to this were the architectural delights of the churches and hill top towns. We saw parts of the Easter celebrations in various places including the renowned monastery of Hozoviotissa hanging on the cliffs. The week flew by.” Timothy & Elaine, UK


26 March 2016

“I enjoyed my holiday very much! The scenery was beautiful and the Greek people very friendly. It was great fun walking in the countryside and the information you gave us was very interesting! I met lots of wonderful people. It was a perfect holiday! I’ll be back one day! Best wishes…” Peter, UK

Walking Naxos & Small Cyclades“Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing holiday during which I really enjoyed the delegation of all responsibility and just had fun in an absolutely stunning landscape with such great knowledge. Will be back! It has been an amazing first trip to Greece. xxx”Alice, UK

“Thank you Annie & Nikos for an amazing 9 days of hiking on just few of the beautiful Cyclades islands. Jeff and I appreciated the knowledge and passion you have for each of the islands we visited.

WalkingamorgosholidayWe very much enjoyed meeting the locals in the villages you brought us to and sharing with us their way of life. You were a big part in making our first visit to Greece a wonderful and memorable experience. Thank you!” Jo-Anne & Jeff, Canada


28 March 2015

11351124_920701691315819_8219431171825005202_n“Climbing Mount Zas, the birthplace of Zeus on Naxos, and watching a big flock of ravens flying almost out of sight and descending was very special. Also eating island food, including greens picked from the wild and boiled hyacinth bulbs (the place was alive with tasselled hyacinths in bloom) and of course lots of raki on Amorgos in a rustic restaurant that was really our hosts’ home was something I will never forget.

Finally for the first time eating about 50 of the snails I had seen feasting on mandragora (mandrake) throughout our holiday. I hope to climb Mount Olympus with ‘nofootprint’ when I have learned enough Greek!” Steve, UK

“We toured Santorini, Naxos and the small Cyclades with Annie and Daphne. We had two marvellous weeks hiking. The walking was hard at first but got easier. The views, the food and drink and the flora were amazing. We found the people on the islands very hospitable, generous and friendly.

Annie and Daphne were very helpful, knowledgeable and considerate in adjusting the walks to our pace. Being in a small group made the atmosphere very happy and convivial. We will certainly consider another holiday in Greece with ‘nofootprint’.” Alicia, Mexico

“The scenery, food, culture and company were all fantastic. A fantastic introduction to Greece. I will be going back to explore some of the other 1,000 islands!” Sarah, UK



11 April 2015

2015-04-17-12.43.27“I really enjoyed walking in Syros & seeing the beautiful scenery & wealth of wild herbs & flowers. Also Annie was a great guide and very attentive to us, and helped the group in many ways. Go for it! It’s a very relaxing way of getting to know the islands & meeting the local people. It was great to have a local guide who helped with communication, travel & chose some excellent restaurants.” Catriona, Ireland



25 April 2015

“Annie thank you for a wonderful week. I have enjoyed every minute. Naxos is a beautiful island with mixed vegetation and beautiful beaches. People are very hospitable and the food is delicious… also we had great company! Thank you Annie and Evaggelos for a wonderful experience. Best wishes and many thanks.” Sandra, USA

10659375_911108242275164_2184298176956152472_n“Great memories, well organised trip, thanks for a wonderful time.” Ian, Ireland

“Very relaxing, a real Greek “hanami” (spring flowers everywhere), guided by an enthusiastic and friendly Greek woman! Wild spring flowers everywhere, with Mediterranean blue in the background… even with the odd flamingo in the “laguna”! Esteve, France



29 April 2015

11167806_914528708599784_2836364901912981652_n“The Cyclades are breathtaking, and we have loved seeing them up close with our wonderful guide Annie. Wildflower walks through hilltop villages, meals in local tavernas, swimming at lovely beaches – and excellent company. Many, many thanks, Annie, for your insights into Greek nature and culture – and for the chance to rest on those upward slopes!” Mark & Angie, Australia


13 June 2015


“Αγαπητή Annie, ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ. Ήταν πολύ ωραία! Thanks a lot for an amazing holiday… ελπίζω να σου γυρίσω! Love.” Carina, Holland

“Walking, swimming, exploring the isles of the Cyclades, a wonderful way to be introduced to this extraordinary part of the world. Thank you Annie for a wonderful adventure.” William, Australia

“Thank you very much Annie for a wonderful 9 days. I have experienced so much, learned so much, felt so much… much more than expected! You and the Cyclades have a big place in my heart.” Eric, Norway



10 July 2015

“Thanks Annie & Sotiris for showing us much lovely beaches, ports, villages, tavernas around the Cyclades. You showed us Greeks can enjoy themselves in this lovely environment despite austerity. We will spread the word.” Gesche & Michael, Germany & UK

“It was such an enjoyable trip. I was very glad to have found you and sailed with you to different islands in the Cyclades. Each island is beautiful in its unique way. I particularly like Sifnos and Iraklia. Thank you Annie for taking us to the trails and letting us enjoy the spectacular views.

My special thanks to you Annie for helping me jump into the water finally. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you. You are a kind, capable and strong woman. Thank you Sotiris for taking the helm and bringing us to these wonderful places. Greece is a beautiful country. I love it! Wish you all the best!!!” Katherine, China


5 September 2015

“Annie thank you for making this a wonderful holiday. It was fantastic to visit different islands and explore the paths and… so many lovely memories to take home…” Chris & Craig, UK


19 September 2015

“Thank you for a wonderful holiday!.. for organising visits and special places & hidden gems!.. and for being so nice! Many wishes.” Mary, Ireland

“Dear Annie, you run a great show – the varied walks & experiences. We really appreciate your sweet smile, and good cheer. Wishing you every best wishes for your business and most especially for yourself and Yasmin. xxx” Cliodhna & Derek, Ireland

“Hi Annie, having a wonderful holiday, thank you… each day better… will definitely be back…” Maureen & Donal, Ireland

12144831_992773550775299_2951587898160857492_n“Dear Annie, great to meet after all the emails. Wonderful holiday, walking, company & food. Third time in Naxos and will be back. Best wishes for the future.” Eddie & Eimear, Ireland

“Climbing to the top of Mount Zas on Naxos – birthplace of Zeus… Walking the ancient marble paved mule tracks passing varied landscapes of olive groves, picturesque villages, deep ravines, rocky outcrops and an ever changing coastline where islands appear and disappear beneath startling blue skies, haze and shifting clouds…

11250153_993246940727960_4429707228394372494_nThe swim in crystal clear sea at Lionas… Wonderful pebbles there too!.. Arriving at the bay of Aegali with the sun setting behind us and the moon rising above the steep slopes of Amorgos… Sunset drinks at Amorgis in Aegali… Breakfasts at Hotel Kymata in Naxos… Seeing a griffin vulture. A feast for the senses! ” Lisa, UK



26 September 2015

“Thank you for a wonderful holiday, always loved Greece & Sotiris and Annie reminded me how lovely and quiet the islands are. I forgot how blue the water is & how friendly the Greeks are. Have a good life & if you ever make it to Australia, get in touch. Thank you. Ciao.” Louise & Mal, Australia

“Dear Annie & Sotiris, the walks were fabulous, the sailing invigorating and the company was pleasant. You set everything up very well for us and gave us some great memories. Thank you for a memorable holiday.” Jo-Ann & Gary, USA

“Annie & Sotiris, thank you for an amazing trip! The islands were beautiful and so fun to explore. We loved it all. Love.” Amanda & Matt, USA


10 October 2015

“Thanks Annie! I have had the most brilliant week. The walks have been fantastic and the islands are stunning. Everything has been really well organized and it was great to meet you and Nikos and everyone else in the group. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!” Carrie, France

12063407_1002733953112592_1948777528706744987_n“Dear Annie & Nikos, thanks for the wonderful holiday. I have had a great time and it has been the highlight of my trip away (I will not forget it for a long time). Everything about it was excellent – the organisation, the type and variety of hikes, the accommodation, the helpfulness and knowledge of the guides, the local cuisine – and even the weather. All the best.” Charlie, New Zealand


06 March 2014

2014-03-14-14.19.56“Very enjoyable, being out in the wonderful fresh air, beautiful scenery, small plants and scents, and nobody around. We felt very peaceful, and relaxed. Annie prepared us some lovely picnics that we ate on the beach, and once in a small chapel.

Walks are well prepared, all you need is good hiking shoes! We have recommend this holiday to our friends…” Lino & Gillian, Italy & UK


13 April 2014

“Hiking all over the hillsides of Sifnos on ancient trails was a terrific way to see the beauty of the countryside, enjoy the wildflowers and get a strong sense of the island’s history. However, I think the most memorable part will be the good company we had in Annie Antonatou, our guide and host. We learned so much from her during casual conversations about modern day Greece and traditional Greek culture as well. Because of her friendly companionship we felt relaxed and comfortable everywhere we went. Thank you!” Deborah & Dan, Canada


14 June 2014

“Annie & Sotiris, thank you for your sailing skills and your friendly attention to try to meet our individual needs. Greatly enjoyed to going to small, family kafenions for dinner and swimming in beautiful waters.” Stephen & Jane, UK


14 June 2014

“I enjoyed the opportunity to walk and see amazing landscapes, villages, remote beaches, meet unique local characters, eat delicious food, get to know the Greek culture. I wouldn’t be able to experience all that on my own! Thank you!” Xenia, Greece


28 June 2014

2014-06-29-15.56.31“Annie & Sotiris, thank you for making this a wonderful holiday. It was fantastic to visit different islands and explore the paths and… and… so many lovely memories to take home. We have been visiting Greece for 40 years and we tasted the best food ever in the family run tavernas that you introduced us to. Thanks again.” Chris and Greg, UK


28 July 2014

Guests in Lefkada
“Excellent. Each of the walks was special. The holiday was a lovely mix of beautiful walks, experiencing nature, local culture and relaxing on the beach. The food was wonderful. I will be back next year!” Romina, Turkey


30 August 2014

“I had a fantastic time, enjoyed the wonderful walks, the natural environment and the great company! Our guide was very friendly and very eager to share with us his knowledge. Also the food was excellent.” Alex, UK


19 October 2014

DSCN9222“I experienced Greece, like a local, in the truest sense possible. Annie, the tour leader and guide was always suggesting places and experiences that would help us experience and appreciate the land, its people, the culture and history in the truest sense. I came back from my holiday feeling totally refreshed and also enriched with knowledge of a land that I had until read about in my history books! Our interactions with the locals were so enriching and a definite eye-opener! To me, life in Greece epitomized simplicity and that is endearing to say the least!

I may have booked my holiday tour driven by curiosity to see and experience the country, but I came back loaded with an experience of a lifetime and made friends for a lifetime! I didn’t just come back from a holiday, but I came back with an experience that echoed – ‘I lived in Greece, like a true local and experienced life in Greece in its truest sense – be it lunching with locals, exploring old castles or sitting on the edge of a cliff looking over the Aegean sea or plucking olives as we walked past little villages and smiling at the villagers and arriving famished at the local restaurants to be treated to delicious Greek salad with fresh veggies’ and Annie made that possible!” Sarita, India


6 April 2013

“Hi Annie, before I start work, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you and Sotiris for your hospitality last week.  It really was a week to remember! I have a feeling you may be seeing us again some time in the future! Best of luck to you both with Mystic Blue, and with FatCut. I hope you have a good Easter. Kind regards.” Kathy, UK


1 June 2013

“Dear Sotiris, Daphne thank you for a fantastic voyage. The sailing was great fun. The hikes always took us to beautiful places we would never have seen without you. “A Greek/Cuban Castro-phile in Kastro, who made strange mojitos, who would have guessed?” Good luck on your next voyage and all your adventures… Hope to see you again, maybe when you make the trans-Atlantic trip.” John, Pat, Joe, Mike, US


15 June 2013

“Dear Annie & Sotiris, what a wonderful week we have had with you both onboard Tahita in strong winds and onshore with Annie walking & swimming. We never imagined the diversity in the islands. Some of the highlights we will never forget are the Italian influence in the architecture of Syros, eating goat on Paros, evening and early morning hikes on Iraklia with spectacular views of the Aegean islands and surprisingly beautiful caves full of stalactites. Dinner at “my local” taverna on Iraklia was a memory we will treasure. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these memories and so many more.” Fiona, Lonny, Sophia & Jacquline Middleton, Canada.

“Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you for both for a wonderful week exploring some amazing islands in the Cyclades. We hadn’t expected such diverse scenery and amazing views and big thanks to Annie for making the walks so enjoyable and sharing her great knowledge of the flora & fauna. Eating out was memorable, enjoying the Greek specialties whilst taking in the atmosphere, hospitality and fabulous views. We loved “try local” taverna on Iraklia too, probably our favorite. Thank you for making our trip so memorable and our very best wishes to you both.” Steve & Isabellla, UK


6 July 2013

“Sotiris and Konstantina, thank you so much for introducing us to your world of Greek culture and allowing us to experience a kind of beauty we never could have otherwise. Konstantina – your cooking was outstanding!” Teresa & Emily, USA


21 September 2013

“Dear Annie & Sotiris, What a brilliant week we have had with you both at the boat. It was a great introduction to sailing and the weather and the islands surpassed our expectations. Sifnos was beautiful and Iraklia was a totally unique experience. We have learned so much about the islands and we would have missed lots of this. Thank you both!” Pady & Kate, UK

“Dear Annie & Sotiris, It was a joy to see you both again and meet a lovely new group. Had another lovely week with you all. Special thanks to Annie for all your energy – makes it so easy to see a lot in a short time and I love the Cyclades – now my second time. I will bottle a little of it to take home to the UK winter.” xxx Annie-Marie, UK


16 October 2013

“Very relaxing and enjoyable. People were very friendly and nice. Great food.” Liz, UK


23 June 2012

“Annie & Sotiris, thank you for the amazing time sailing and exploring this week – what an adventure! There has been time to relax, sunbathe and snorkle, fantastic walks, wonderful food and some exhilarating sailing. I have loved it and felt like I have spent the week with friends I have known for ages. It has been brilliant to be involved in the sailing and to take the helm in the wind! You have both been such wonderful hosts and made us feel like home. I’ll miss the gentle rocking – but will be back and let others know about Mystic Blue.” Caroline, UK

Walking Iraklia“Dear Annie & Sotiris, so glad we made it (eventually!). Thank you for showing us some wonderful places – so unspoilt, like paradise. I really enjoyed the sailing too. I will try to remember not to step on the dinghy! Thank you for your company – it was like being away with friends. Happy sailing!” Janx, UK

“Thank you for a wonderful week of bliss. We had such a relaxed time with you and it has been one of these strange holidays where it seems we only started yesterday but also it seems like we have been onboard forever! It has been a ‘decision-free’ week and that is what made it so relaxed. You asked what we wanted and then you made it happen by choosing fantastic taverns and food – that meant we could just trust you to order great food without worrying.

The walks were fantastic – one of the real highlights for us and gave us another new perspective, thank you Annie! And of course the sailing was amazing. The way Sotiris made us think in new ways and allowed us to get involved in sailing was wonderful. We felt in safe hands with him at the helm. The most important things that we learnt was the difference between a salad and a dip! We will be back and will bring the children next time. ‘Let it rain!’. All our love and thanks.” David & Carolin, UK & Germany

Sailing & walking Amorgos“Thank you so much for a terrific week. You have made it very relaxed, flexible and yet we did so much and visited so many fantastic unspoilt and beautiful islands – could never have found these places without you. The sailing – lovely and I learned a more natural way of reading the elements. I’m spoilt for future holidays! I will miss pre-breakfast dips, the group of random folks and you both felt like old friends after just 7 days. Now into our next adventure! With much love and thanks.” Anne-Marie, UK


6 October 2012

“Dear Annie & Sotiris, a wonderful magical mystery tour. Lovely walks, places and sailing. Not sure if we found the true mystical blue but colours were great. No sight of pirates but the long and fantastic history of the ‘Great Sea’ followed our journey. We are very grateful for your vision and many kindness.” Lawrence and Rosemary, UK

“Fantastic trip! Hopefully we’ll be back for another trip. Thank you for everything. Think of us and enjoy a drink.” Diane & Brian, UK

“Annie & Sotiris, thank you for a beautiful holiday filled with sailing, walking and beautiful memories. I truly appreciate your kindness and sharing your boat with us this past week. I had a fabulous time and look forward to sailing with you in the future.” Dawn, USA

“Thank you for welcoming us onboard and introducing us to these beautiful islands. I have had a wonderful week… the walks, the sailing – sauntering around Amorgos with Sotiris and all the delicious food. I wish you all the best for the future and thank you again for such an inspiring voyage. With love!” Sarah, UK