Greece, being the 3rd most mountainous country in Europe, is a hiker’s paradise! Our walking holidays will take you along mountain trails and coastal paths with plenty of ancient sites and natural wonders to satisfy all tastes and abilities!

From the gigantic rocks of Meteora and the legendary Mt Olympus in the north, to the olive groves, gorges and stunning beaches in the south, walking holidays in Greece are full of variety and adventure.

Whether you’re joining a small group or going solo, you’ll find plenty of epic excitement in this land of myth and legend.


Hop around the Cyclades, Ionian Islands and Crete and you’ll…

  • Discover unspoilt islands, a small heaven of Greek hospitality and traditional culture,
  • Enjoy stunning mountain views and dramatic coastal scenery,
  • Follow ancient cobbled paths along picturesque villages with white-washed houses,
  • Discover ruins of ancient cities and medieval fortresses,
  • Come across ravishing flora and fauna,
  • Reach remote solitary beaches with crystal clear waters…

Hike the mountainous Northern Greece and you’ll…

  • Explore the picturesque and remote villages of Zagori,
  • Immerse yourself in the gorges and forested canyons of Vikos National Park,
  • Enjoy hardcore hiking on Mt Olympus and spend the night in mountain huts,
  • Admire the mountain landscapes of Meteora and the Pindos National Park…
  • Conquering 3 of Greece’s highest peaks their mythical alpine lakes!

Our team of expert local guides looks forward to introducing you to our unique natural, historical and cultural world!



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CRETE “A WORLD IN AN ISLAND… A WALKER’S HEAVEN” Gallery Previous Next CRETE “There is a kind of flame in Crete – let us call it “soul” – something more powerful than either life or death. There is pride, obstinacy, … Read More

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