Walk Towards 'No Footprint'

We are dedicated towards encouraging low-impact activity holidays, such as walking, and minimising our negative impact on the environment and people.

We are committed to building a sustainable future for our community, and believe that the best way to protect our natural environment is by educating people about the unique flora, fauna and culture of our region.

Walk as a naturalist

All the members of our team are naturalists and aim to introduce you to the unique nature and culture of our land. They are passionate about promoting Greece as a walking holiday destination, about the survival and conservation of the paths and local wildlife and sustainable tourism in general.

All our holidays, guides and businesses we cooperate share:

  • Respect the local community and character of the area,
  • Benefit the local community,
  • Respect and contribute to the conservation of the environment.

Βy supporting our network you are supporting our and our partners’ efforts towards the evolution of the tourist industry in Greece to a more humane and sustainable model.

Walk with an eco focus

We are trying, through all our walking holidays in Greece, to encourage travellers to approach places they visit with greater understanding and respect.

We will inform our guests about the unique flora and endemic and common species they will encounter using presentations, photos and observations. We give guidelines on where to look for them, how to approach them so as not to disrupt their life, how to observe their behaviours or even capture a unique picture showing the rest of the world their magic.

Guests leave aware of the environmental issues faced and how to minimise them. They take home memories and knowledge that stays with them for a lifetime.

Our Walking Aims & Values: