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Sailing in Greece is a unique way to discover the splendors of Greece and its marvelous islands, while exploring hidden coves, remote islands, pristine beaches and turquoise blue waters. You can drop anchor to a secluded bay, sunbathe or lay on untouched – by tourism – beaches that can only be reached by sea.

Sailing in Greece gives you the chance to actually experience what you have been picturing; diving off your sailing yacht into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, unwinding on deck enjoying a cold drink, hearing the waves splashing against the yacht’s keel.

Sailing holidays in Greece give you the best chance to see many islands within a few days…

The geography, beautiful landscapes, large number of anchorages and mild climate, make Greece an ideal destination for sailing holidays. Whether you are a novice and just wish to join a skippered sailing holiday… or are an experienced sailor who wish to rent his own yacht, you will be happy with the many possibilities.

green_bullet Immense coastline & variety of islands 

Greece boasts more than 1,400 islands and the largest coastline in Europe. The best part about Greece is that most of the islands are set in complexes with small distances among them. This is a dream coming true for those who wish to visit Greece and get to know as many islands as possible by island hoping.

You can island hop around the Cyclades, Ionian & Dodecanese islands, secluded coves and beaches with crystal-clear blue waters inaccessible by land. Check our sailing & waking itinerary…

Greece is a sailor’s paradise, with immense coastline, consistent trade winds to fill your sails, clear blue water, year-round sunshine, plenty of safe anchorages and islands close enough to navigate by sight.

A typical day may involve 3-4 hours sailing, stop on the way at a remote bay for a swim and lunch, short sail to the fishing port or bay where you’ll spend the night. In the evening, you’ll explore the island you have visited and more importantly the main village “hora” where you can have supper at the local tavern and sample the local delicacies.

green_bullet Beautiful scenery & unique wildlife

You’ll enjoy dramatic coastal sceneries, stunning mountain views, astonishing landscapes with abandoned terraces, ruined windmills, caves, bridges, steep rocky cliffs, springs and small gorges… enjoy ravishing wild herbs and flowers… encounter endemic wildlife… reach remote solitary beaches and coves with crystal clear waters.

Herds of dolphins such as the Bottle-nosed dolphin, the Common dolphin and the Striped dolphin will be your companions while sailing from one island to the other. Endangered animals like the Mediterranean seal and the Loggerhead sea turtle and endemic species like the Skyros’ Wall Lizard, Milos Viper are the natural, unique wealth of Aegean & Ionian seas. On your way sea birds such as like gulls and cormorants will keep you company.

green_bullet Warm temperatures & clear skies

Greece is characterized by a warm climate and endless blue skies. The air is usually hot during the day and pleasantly warm at night. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Greece, specifically May, June, September and October, if you enjoy mild weather and you wish to avoid the heat of the summer.

green_bullet Fascinating local culture & historic ancient sites

Unique landscapes with tens of quaint villages, Venetian castles, ancient temples, protected coves, cosmopolitan towns and endless sandy beaches where you can swim and eat at the family-run local tavernas. By sailing around the islands you’ll have the chance to experience the warm friendliness and hospitality of the islanders and discover an untouched traditional culture and welcome.

green_bullet Delicious food & wine

Food always tastes better when it’s grown on the doorstep and sailing to remote, smaller islands is a unique way to discover truly off-the-beaten-track local producers. Whether tasting freshly-picked home-cooked food at a family-run tavern, buying fresh fish from the fisherman, sampling olive oil from a small olive grove or tasting locally produced cheese, it will be a fascinating experience.

green_bullet Sailing is eco-friendly

This is the holiday that takes you closer to nature… we, for example, use the power of sail and wind and only use the motor when entering in and out of ports. Our sailing & walking holidays have an eco-friendly character as we wish our guests to discover and appreciate the natural attractions, wildlife and culture of the Aegean. On these excursions not only we make sure no garbage is left behind but we also gather garbage left behind by others.

You can read more about our responsible travel policy here…

Having our sailing yacht as a base we have formed a series of activity holidays that will introduce you to these unique areas, culture, flora and fauna of the Aegean. These involve sailing, walking and wildlife observations.

Apart from the excitement of sailing and relaxing on beautiful bays enjoying the Greek sun and deep blue of the Aegean, you will have the chance to:

green_bullet participate in activities such as bird and dolphin spotting,
green_bullet walk in natural paths and experience the unique nature and landscapes of the Aegean,
green_bullet snorkle and discover the unique wealth of the Mediterranean sea,
green_bullet visit areas where the Mediterranean Seal and the Loggerhead sea turtle live and breed,
green_bullet learn how to approach wildlife and capture amazing images,
green_bullet interact with locals and experience their customs, culture, cuisine and way of life…
to give you a few examples.

green_bullet Contact us for further information and special offers on our sailing, walking & wildlife holidays!

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