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As autumn approaches and the temperatures begin to drop, there are still plenty of opportunities to walk or sail in September and October, avoiding those peak hot summer conditions. Immerse yourself in the enchanting autumnal hues and seasonal wildlife without being interrupted by crowds.

October is the prime time to experience typically busy trails and destinations. Why not avoid the autumnal blues by breezing through the Cyclades or Ionian islands or complete a section of the 75km Mainalon trail rolling over crisp orange and brown leaves. Alternatively, embrace the Pindos mountains misty mornings and golden sunsets during our hiking & alpine lake hopping in Northern Greece…


    • Avoid the mid-summer heat, and appreciate the cooler autumn temperatures
    • Make the most of the quieter trails on the islands and Northern Greece
    • Walk and island hop without the tourist crowds
    • Surround yourself in the calming autumnal colours on the Greek mountains 
    • Enjoy the breeze whilst you delve into the history and culture of Greece

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Here are our favourite last minute deals:

Cyclades walking & island hopping!

Last minute dates and offers:
16-26 September, 116 EUR off pp
21-31 October, 116 EUR off pp

There is a reason why this is one of the most popular holidays! Naxos is the queen of the Cyclades. As you approach Naxos’ harbor, the island’s rich cultural diversity unfolds before your very eyes. To your left stands a majestic classical temple, while to your right, a small Byzantine chapel captures your attention. And above the charming Cycladic city, a medieval Venetian castle proudly reigns. It’s like stepping into a time-traveling wonderland!

Once you venture further inland, you will be awestruck by the island’s diverse fertile landscapes. Towering rugged mountains create a breathtaking backdrop for the lush Tragéa plains, adorned with olive groves and ancient oaks. Further westwards, you’ll encounter vast farming lands that stretch towards an endless expanse of dunes along the sea. 

Continue to unspoilt Iraklia in the Small Cyclades with 80 permanent residents, boasting charm, beauty, and peace and quiet, The simple way of life and the warmth of its people is what you will remember from the island, more than anything else.

Amorgos is the 3rd island you’ll explore during our walking holiday – the last act of our mini Odyssey. You’ll love Amorgos in autumn for its rich network of hiking trails, wild flora and dramatic landscapes set against the blue of the Aegean sea.

Check the 10-day itinerary here…

The ultimate hiking adventure in Northern Greece

Last minute dates and offers:
15-24 September, 110 EUR off pp

This lesser-known part of the country is surprisingly unknown to most travellers, and that’s why those who will decide to visit this part of the world will benefit from a truly ‘local’ experience! Explore the Pindos mountain range – the so called “Spine of Greece” – a vast complex of mountains, peaks, plateaus, valleys and gorges. You will reach three of Greece’s highest peaks and explore three mythical alpine lakes…

Read more about our 9-day Pindos hiking & alpine lake hopping…

Sail & walk around Lefkada, Ithaca and Kefalonia…

23-30 September, 97 EUR off 
30 Sept-7 October, 97 EUR off 

Imagine a place, where shimmering turquoise waters skim lush forested mountains and landscapes beside you as you pad coastal paths… You stumble upon solitary coves and rural fishing villages where you’re served seafood caught the same day.  You journey into the heart of the Ionian archipelago has begun… 

Here is what you will experience while sailing & walking with us…

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