Ionian Sailing & Walking holiday

Ionian sailing & walking holiday May – Oct Small Groups 7 days Customizable “A New Sailing & Walking adventure around the Ionian islands…” Gallery                                 … Read More

Mainalon trail guided walking holiday

Mainalon Trail guided walking holiday Mar – Nov Small Groups 7 days Customizable “Hike the 75km Menalon trail ranked among the Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe” Gallery                       … Read More

Ionian Islands Kayak, Hike & Wild Camp

Ionian islands kayak, hike & wild camp May – Sep Small Groups 4 – 7 days Customizable “Sea kayak, snorkel, hike and explore the most beautiful and remote islands in the Ionian…” Gallery               … Read More

Cyclades island hopping photography holiday

Cyclades hopping photography holiday April-May Small Groups 7-10 days Customizable Join our photography adventure with award-winning photojournalist Laura Gingerich, discover the Cyclades & capture images of“authentic” Greece” Gallery                         … Read More

Syros & Tinos walking holiday

Syros & Tinos walking holiday Mar – Nov Small Groups 7 – 10 days Customizable “Walk on deserted ancient trails, enjoy stunning mountain views and dramatic coastal scenery… come across ravishing flora and fauna…” Gallery           … Read More

Andros & Tinos walking holiday

Andros & Tinos walking holiday Mar – Nov Small Groups 7-10 days Customizable “Explore the greenest and most diverse yet undiscovered islands of the Cyclades!..” Gallery                             … Read More

Cyclades Sailing & Walking holiday

Cyclades sailing & walking holiday Mar – Nov Small Groups 7 days Customizable “Sail from island to island and experience the unique nature of these small, non-touristy Greek islands by walking their ancient paths…” Gallery           … Read More

Zagori, Vikos Gorge & Lefkada walking holiday

ZAGORI, VIKOS GORGE & LEFKADA WALKING HOLIDAY May – Oct Small Groups 8 days Customizable “Wander around the picturesque Zagori villages, traverse the Vikos gorge and submerge into the turquoise waters of Lefkada island…” Gallery           … Read More

Mount Olympus and Meteora Walking Holiday

Mount Olympus & Meteora walking holiday Jun – Sep May – Oct Small Groups 4-7 days Customizable “Conquer Mt. Olympus, featuring the highest peak in Greece… Visit the spiritual, breathtaking gigantic rocks of Meteora……” Gallery           … Read More

Pindos Hiking in Northern Greece

PINDOS HIKING & ALPINE LAKE HOPPING May – Oct Small Groups 7-9 days Customizable “Conquering three of Greece’s highest peaks and exploring three mythical alpine lakes…” Gallery                           … Read More