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Our footprint on this planet has become too heavy and threatens our own survival. Together we must find a way to change the way we produce and consume and 2021 is the year to act!

As you know we are dedicated towards encouraging low-impact tourism and activity holidays, such as walking, and minimising our negative impact on the environment and people.

We are committed to building a sustainable future for our community, and believe that the best way to protect our natural environment is by educating people about the unique flora, fauna and culture of our region.

Apart from reviewing and updating our environmental policies we are taking more practical steps and here are a few of them:

Please check our updated environmental policies

A few steps we are taking as of today

1. During your walks you will be provided with a re-usable water filter or bottle, so you can refill it from the tap each day and avoid using plastic bottles. We also often encounter springs during our walks, whre the water is of the finest quality.

2. During our walks we give special care to the areas we visit by paying attention not to litter, or even pick up leftover trash. Our guides will always carry a bio-disposable bag so they, as well as our guests, pick up any garbage they encounter.

3. During the walks we emphasize the importance of the natural areas of Greece and point out specific examples of Mediterranean flora and fauna we encounter. We find it to be important to encourage and develop a passion for wildlife and wild places amongst our customers (many of whom are novices, trying this form of holiday for the first time).

4. By showing our interest in the local wildlife and environment to the drivers, the hotel owners and other local staff, we are actively developing their pride and interest in their environment. Our presence in low-tourism areas makes a difference by highlighting to the local people how important it is that they protect their land and the environment.

5. We ask you to consider what you need to take on your holiday carefully before you travel, removing all unnecessary packaging and wrapping. Many of our destinations do not have the same recycling and waste facilities as you do in your country, so we gather all your non-biodegradable waste (particularly plastics, used batteries, etc.) and bring it safely to Athens in order to ensure it is reliably disposed of.

6. In Nofootprint we stand against unnecessary plastic usage, hence we will provide you with a reusable shopping bag to take with you during your supermarket visits.

7. We often organize beach clean up initiativesand invite the local people to join us. This will be more organised and our guests will have the opportunity to get involved in all our holidays.

8. We wish to organize and support tree planting initiatives, where we only plant indigenous species in rural areas that need the extra support. Especially after recent wildfire incidents.

9. We support the work of local NGOs that work for the benefit of the natural environment and the local wildlife. More information will be given within February.

10. All our business waste is recycled. All communication is done electronically where possible, saving on paper.

If you wish to discuss the above or any other matter please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone at +30 6976 761492 or email at

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Nofootprint team

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