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There’s something magical about the idea of an island: remote, exotic and just a little bit mysterious. It’s the ultimate escape. From cosmopolitan Syros to agricultural Naxos, traditional Tinos, volcanic Milos, lush green Lefkada and the remote, unpsoilt Amorgos, we’ve picked 6 of our most inspiring islands, all offering a good dose of culture, history, stunning nature and scenery, sunshine… that will fascinate you!


But beforehand I wanted to share some thoughts with you… Greece has been struggling towards economic recovery since the financial crash of 2010. More travellers such as yourself have been visiting Greece providing a lifeline for islanders. In 2018, a record 33 million travellers arrived in Greece; nearly 7% higher than the previous year. And hopefully it will keep rising…

But although tourism is resizing people in the islands are still in a financial crisis. Youth unemployment levels are above 40%, years of austerity has led to a lack of investment in the islands’ infrastructure (i.e. desalination plants, medical centres, power grids) and the local community is struggling under the uncontrolled rise in tourist numbers.

What you can do; keep visiting… but at the same time (whether it is Greece or another country at a similar situation) choose carefully where and how you travel!


We had many guests in the last few years especially from Northern Europe who told us that they chose to visit Greece on purpose to support the economy and local people! But it’s not enough just to visit a place, you have to be careful where and how you spend your money.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Support smaller, less touristic islands such as the Small Cyclades, Kimolos and Sikinos in the West Cyclades, Lipsi and Simi in the Dodecanese. Avoid islands such as Santorini, a case study for ‘overtourism’. The options are endless. Apart from helping the local economies you will also benefit from a more authentic experience.
  • Consider travelling to Greece out of high season to support the economy outside the busy months of July and August! You also minimise pressure on resources on the area you will be visiting!,
  • Prefer to stay in smaller, family run guesthouses or hotels owned by locals who actually leave there and not investors from the capital! Also avoid global chains of hotels and resorts as they are identical all around the world anyway and you won’t experience the local character of the area.
  • Prefer to eat at local taverns that are open throughout the year and avoid food chains and seasonal businesses,
  • Choose local tour companies and guides so you ensure that your money will go straight to the locals and not to a foreign company or investor,
  • Ask your holiday provider, accommodation owner, sailing agency or diving centre about their social policies as well as environmental policies (for example, do they employ locals; any recycling or conservation programs; ). Support those who have a policy and implement it. Please keep in mind that the more people ask, the more they will influence holiday providers as they wish to meet people’s wishes.
  • Buy local products produced locally and not imported from China or India!

These are some suggestions about how to support the local economies… we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences as well.

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We’ve picked 7 of our most inspiring islands, all offering a good dose of culture, history, stunning scenery, sunshine and that will fascinate you!

Syros, the capital and jewel of the Cyclades islands. Its trademark, the neoclassical town of Ermoupolis, once a very important trade and industrial centre in the Mediterranean. You will walk on deserted ancient paths and trails, explore the medieval reservation of Ano Syros, the ancient ruins of Kastri, experience its unique cultural and social life, enjoy stunning mountain views and dramatic coastal sceneries… reach remote solitary beaches and coves with crystal clear waters.

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The “unknown” Cycladic island of Tinos with its numerous deserted ancient paths and trails, unique architecture of pigeon houses, windmills and countless churches, stone walls, fountains, giant rocks with strange shapes… You will walk through villages untouched by time… you will observe the unique flora and fauna of this mountainous island.

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Naxos is the largest, richest and most multifaceted island of the Cyclades. You will experience lofty mountains, fertile valleys, plateaus, springs, rivers, caves, picturesque villages, Byzantine chapels, Venetian towers, kouros statues, ancient sites, endemic wildlife, unique customs and cultural happenings… as well the longest sandy beaches in the Aegean…

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South of Naxos there is a group of small islands called the Small Cyclades; the largest one and most remote is Amorgos. Until recently, it was very isolated so it still remains unspoilt… a small heaven of peace, Greek hospitality and traditional culture.

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Traditional villages of snow-white houses with traditional chimneys made of potter’s clay, 365 small churches with blue domes, a Venetian castle, ancient ruins, an inexhaustible variety of beautiful hiking trails which lead to tranquil sandy beaches, delicious local food and wine… This is Sifnos, the gem of the Cyclades.

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Volcanic Milos will enchant you with its diversity, coastal morphology and rare geological formations… with its 75 beaches, crystal, deep blue waters, picturesque harbors, colorful volcanic rocks, archeological sites, unique flora and endemic fauna…

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Lefkada, Ulysses homeland, is a precious green stone in the turquoise blue waters of the Ionian Sea, an island of contrasts characterised by rugged mountains and lush green valleys. If you are a nature lover Lefkada’s mountains, waterfalls, ravines, natural springs, gorges, canyons, lagoon, forests, lush vegetation and rare wild flowers… will enchant you.

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