"Mountains, peaks, plateaus, valleys and gorges traverse the Greek mainland"



This lesser-known part of the country is surprisingly unknown to most travellers, and that’s why those who will decide to visit this part of the world will benefit from a truly ‘local’ experience!

Once you get here, you will discover why Northern Greece is a hidden gem, a gorgeous, scenic corner of Greece and a window to the past where life continues as it has for centuries, untouched by modern-day existence.

Our hiking holidays and the itineraries we’ve selected for you will show you the best that Northern Greece has to offer…

You can combine a hiking holiday in one or more of the following destinations… and enjoy an experience of a lifetime!

  • Explore the Pindos mountain range – the so called “Spine of Greece” – a vast complex of mountains, peaks, plateaus, valleys and gorges. You will conquer three of Greece’s highest peaks and exploring three mythical alpine lakes… Read more about our 9-day Pindos hiking & alpine lake hopping…
  • Perched on the mountain slopes of Epirus, these 46 stone villages challenge you to explore their mysteries. ‘Zagorohoria’ are considered to be the most beautiful and well-preserved villages of Greece. They are not only great examples of traditional stone architecture, but of a still living tradition, full of myths, customs and cultural expressions of a culture nearing extinction, of the mountainous populations of Greece. Check our 9-day Pindos hiking & alpine lake hopping…
  • Descend to the bottom of Vikos gorge and be fascinated by the surrounding natural beauty. The landscape of the gorge presents a diverse relief and is characterized by abrupt altitudinal changes. With a length of 20km, walls whose height ranges from 450m to 1,600m and a width from 400m to a few meters at its narrowest part, Vikos gorge is listed by the Guiness Book of Records as the deepest canyon in the world in proportion to its width. Check our 8-day Zagori & Vikos gorge walking holiday…
  • Ascend Mt. Olympus, home of the ancient Greek Gods, undoubtedly one of the most famous mountains in the world. Being the home of the twelve ancient Greek Gods and featuring the highest peak in Greece (Mytikas at 2,917m), the mountain captivates the visitor at first site with its incomparable natural beauty and the wealth of its ancient history. Read more about our 7-day Mt. Olympus & Meteora walking holiday
  • Visit the spiritual, magical, extraordinary, breathtaking gigantic rocks of Meteora… Tranquil, spiritual, other-worldly, remarkable, breathtaking, enormous, inspirational, magnificent are only some words used to describe them! Unique enormous columns of rock rise vertically from the ground with an unusual form, demonstrating nature’s splendor and man’s ever lasting desire to connect with the divine. Check our 7-day Mt. Olympus & Meteora walking holiday
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