Dear friend “There is a kind of flame in Crete – let us call it “soul” – something more powerful than either life or death. There is pride, obstinacy, valor, and together with these something else inexpressible and imponderable, something … Read More

Find your island… in Greece

Dear friend There’s something magical about the idea of an island: remote, exotic and just a little bit mysterious. It’s the ultimate escape. From cosmopolitan Syros to agricultural Naxos, traditional Tinos, volcanic Milos, lush green Lefkada and the remote, unpsoilt … Read More

10 reasons you should embark on a walking holiday

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Zagori, Vikos gorge & Lefkada walking holiday

Mountain and sea combine in spectacular adventure

Dear friend Perched on the mountain slopes of Epirus, these 46 stone villages challenge you to explore their mysteries. ‘Zagorohoria’ are considered to be the most beautiful and well-preserved villages of Greece. They are not only great examples of traditional stone architecture, but of … Read More

New! Hike and explore Pindos mountains

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New! Cyclades island hopping & photography workshop

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7 Reasons to explore mysterious Lefkada

Dear friend We keep visiting this island every year as we consider it the natural paradise of the Ionian islands. We also come back for our local friends, who in every visit reveal to us one of the island’s many secrets spots. I … Read More

Three Superb Spring Walks in Greece

Dear friend Spring is really the best time to walk and experience the unique nature and culture of the Greek islands. By Easter it has been raining for quite a while and all the islands are unrecognizable. The hills are carpeted with lush vegetation… the … Read More

Why Sifnos and Milos ranked 2nd

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10 Reasons to Visit Crete in 2017

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