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It is true that walking holidays are becoming more popular as more people are discovering how enjoyable it is to head off walking and exploring in a new location or country.

We believe that these are the 10 greatest reasons why you should go on a walking holiday!

Walk off-the-beaten track. You will discover and explore the real rural nature and culture of a place you visit, not the one put on for tourists!

See more. Walking is a superb way to see new places. On foot you will see things, such as wildlife, that you would not encounter otherwise. You’ll also enjoy the scenery first hand and up close, and get to meet local people.

Recharge your batteries. Life has become too much of a rush; Walking takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your ordinary life.  Walking holidays are for taking your watch off and switching off… you’ll come back home a new person.

 Meet like-minded fellow travellers. While you walk you will have lots of time for talking and catching up on life, work and stories. By the end of the holiday you will have made friends for life!

 Learn from a local. While walking you’ll enjoy the company of an expert guide that is looking forward to sharing with you his experiences, knowledge on the nature, culture and history of the place your visit. This is the best way to get to know a place… through the eyes of a local!

 Walking is for all. Whatever you fitness levels, experience or walking ability there is a walking holiday for you. You can choose relaxed walks along the coast or strenuous hikes at the top of the highest mountains… you can walk a couple of hours per day or choose long trails! Talk to us and let us know what is your level and what you want from your walking holiday so that we can advise you…

Walk all year round. You can find a walking holiday any time of year, even out of season. You benefit from lower prices and you avoid the crowds. Plus you can chose a holiday according to the weather. If you like warm climates, book a holiday to winter sun locations. Then again, if you like the beauty and challenge of winter walking, head to Northern Europe. The options are endless…

Reconnect with your family. Family walking holidays are a great way to reconnect with your partner and children. Exploring on foot is fun and interesting and when you are walking you will naturally talk.

 It’s eco friendly and good our planet! More and more of us are realising the necessity for greener and more eco-friendly travel. Hiking is a far more sustainable way to get around without taking a toll on our planet.

 It’s good for you! Walking improves your physical and mental health! Many studies have shown how walking regularly slows down the aging process, helps expose you to more Vitamin D, can help to repair old DNA and decrease your risk of heart disease.

Are there any other reasons why you shouldn’t embark on a walking adventure?

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