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Greece is a land of diverse beauty, bursting at the seams with cultural and historical treasures that amaze visitors. The breathtaking varied natural landscapes, ancient historical roots, holiday friendly weather, incomparable opportunities to experience cultural traditions… all make up for a memorable holiday experience.

Whether you’d like to relax on the beach, soak up some history, explore nature or enjoy an adrenaline-packed adventure, Greece is the ideal destination. Please find below the top ten reasons to put Greece on your travel map during Easter:

green_bullet 1. Immerse yourself in Greek culture

Easter is the most important holiday in Greece. You will have the opportunity to participate in magnificent Easter festivities that have remained unchanged for centuries! The uniqueness in celebrating Easter the traditional Greek way lies in the week leading up to the event (Holy Week) and reaches its climax on Easter Sunday. You will have the one-of-a-kind opportunity to delve into an overwhelming spiritual atmosphere and participate into sacred rituals, ancient-old traditions, gastronomical and musical celebrations!

In the ancient Greek years, Easter time coincided with the month of Anthesterion (the flowering month), a celebration of spring and the rebirth of vegetation.

green_bullet 2. Benefit from the mild temperatures of spring

Gladiolus italicusGreece in spring delivers the ideal climate that offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy memorable holidays especially if you enjoy activities such as exploring, walking, sightseeing, relaxing by the beach, sailing, diving to name a few. In Easter it’s not as scorching hot as in the middle of the summer but also not too cold.

green_bullet 3. Benefit from travelling out of high season

From our experience travelling out-of-season is preferable and more enjoyable for the following reasons:

  • prices and costs are much more reasonable,
  • you can experience the original face of the place you visit and you have more opportunities to meet locals than in the busy, high season,
  • ancient and other sites, beaches, bays, marinas, nature reserve parks and other natural areas are not overcrowded so you can enjoy them undisturbed,
  • you’ll face less hassle trying to find a place in the ferry or a place to stay,
    you have better chances to observe and encounter many species like marine mammals, fishes and birds,
  • you have the opportunity to experience holidays, such as Easter, and other festivals where you can discover the essence of the Greek spirit!

green_bullet 4. Unrivalled places of interest

d87a23a1-8593-4c4f-825f-38b050d5090fFor a unique and exciting line up of attractions, Greece is hard to beat. The most famous island group in the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades islands, have ample cultural, natural and historical landmarks to satisfy any tourist.

Barren landscapes in contrast with white washed houses and the endless deep blue of the Aegean sea, traditional villages, gorgeous sandy beaches, solitary bays, picturesque fishing ports, an ancient network of paths, friendly and hospitable islanders, delicious food, folk music… are a few examples of what you will experience while visiting the Cyclades islands.

The Ionian islands opposite, west of mainland Greece, are a cluster of fabulous and dazzling islands scattered in the Ionian Sea. Their natural beauty, cooler climate, abundant olive groves, cypress trees and lush forested mountains and landscapes, world famous vast sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, cheerful and welcoming inhabitants, their rich cultural heritage in arts and literature… will fascinate you.

green_bullet 5. Because of its natural diversity

134f356d-19f3-4014-970c-67eb30aae32aGreece has great diversity and a range of places and landscapes that cannot be found together anywhere else. It’s like having a miniature world, where everything is included: Lofty mountains, fertile valleys, plateaus, springs, rivers, caves, picturesque villages, Byzantine chapels, Venetian towers, kouros statues, ancient sites, endemic wildlife, unique customs and cultural happenings… as well long sandy beaches with crystal clear waters… plus an overwhelming number of activities for the visitor to choose from.

By Easter it has been raining for quite a while and all the islands are unrecognizable. Forget about the barren islands of the Cyclades! The hills in spring and during easter are carpeted with lush vegetation… the flora is quite spectacular with a good showing of wild flowers.

green_bullet 6. Best time to experience nature and wildlife

Egretta garzettaSpring is really the best time to experience nature and observe flora and fauna in Greece. You’ll be amazed by the number of migratory birds that you’ll meet everyday while walking, sailing or relaxing and observing from the beach. The rocky islets and coastline of the Aegean offer the ideal shelter for thousands of birds to rest in their long migratory journey.

Observing endemic and endangered charismatic animals such as the Mediterranean Monk Seal and the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, as well as endemic reptiles such as the Skyros and Milos Wall Lizards, the unique Milos Viper, is a unique experience and is more possible during spring.

green_bullet 7. Value for money

The Greek islands during Easter especially the smaller ones make for an affordable holiday destination. You’ll be surprised by the prices of guesthouses, taverns and other services at this time of year.

green_bullet 8. No language barriers

Almost everyone speaks English. Engaging with the friendly locals, ordering at a restaurant or finding your way around is easy and “rewarding”.

green_bullet 9. Because of the extraordinary taste of Greek cuisine

c5509b87-8c1b-4074-8225-2db7c72dd19cGreece’s local cuisine is influenced by its multicultural Mediterranean heritage. African, European and Asian influences mark the variety of dishes available. Plus you will find that most of the ingredients used in the islands are produced locally and are organic. You will have the chance to taste delicious traditional home made dishes!

Plus during Easter food, naturally, plays a starring role. It is celebrated with a number of rich food traditions, including lamb roasted on a spit, magiritsa soup, tsoureki bread and so on… followed by wine and music of course!

green_bullet 10. Because it’s easy to get to (…and hard to forget)

Whether by car, ship or airplane, Greece is easy to reach. So, what are you waiting for?

Here are three suggestions plus our special offers on our walking & sailing holidays…


9a469e23-b66a-4064-9c72-5fe15cb7f93cWalking may not fit in with your idea of “something new” but how about walking from island to island around Naxos, the Small Cyclades ending in Santorini? Though the level of adventure is high, the trails are a minimal challenge, so as long as you’re moderately fit you’ll be fine. It can also motivate you to get in shape to ensure you make the most of your holiday!

Naxos is the largest, richest and most multifaceted island of the Cyclades. You will experience lofty mountains, fertile valleys, springs, picturesque villages, Byzantine chapels, Venetian towers, ancient sites, unique customs and cultural happenings… as well the longest sandy beaches in the Aegean…

7eaca832-72d2-4599-bf7f-c3f3412e79f8South of Naxos there is a group of small islands called the Small Cyclades; Amorgos, Iraklia, Schinoussa, Pano & Kato Koufonissi and Donoussa. Until recently, these islands were very isolated so they still remain unspoilt… a small heaven of peace, Greek hospitality and traditional culture.

9d4c0300-6a15-476c-99ad-f542aa643b0fSantorini is one of the most sought after holiday destinations for a good reason! It will take your breath away with its white Cycladic houses lining the cliff tops, the amazing views to the Caldera and Nea Kameni (the volcano), the spectacular sunsets, the excavated ancient cities, the black and red beaches…

Read more about our itinerary…

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The benefits of walking holidays are extensive:

  • Walking holidays are a great way of seeing more of a country than you would normally see. Typically, when people go on holiday they go to the usual tourist hotspots and end up missing some of the most beautiful parts of the country. However, with walking holidays you can be assured that the company you are using knows the best places to go to help you get the most out of your break.
  • You actually get to be outside exploring the country you have decided to visit.
  • Walking holidays are a guilt free eco-friendly way to tour a country.
  • You can slow down the pace and discover the magic of your destination at your own leisurely pace.
  • All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and a local guide.
  • Walking holidays are a great way to see the sights and keep in shape at the same time!

Read below how to prepare for a walking holiday…

We at Nofootprint can organise for you the most beautiful walking holidays and authentic adventures all over Greece. From the cultural life of Syros to the relaxed pace of life of the Small Cyclades to the culinary delights of Sifnos and the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Santorini… you will find what you are looking for.

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1526819_10153370125944196_1802933892118062791_nIf you like the idea of trying out a hiking, sailing or scuba diving holiday, but are not confident enough to book a specialist holiday focusing on one of these, our Sailing Tales around the islands of the Cyclades lets you try your hand at all of those – spending as much or as little time on each as you like. Throw in a little bit of dolphin spotting, birdwatching, snorkeling, conservation, local delicacies and wine tasting and you can tick a whole selection of new activities off your New Year’s Resolutions list.

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Check our sailing & walking itinerary around the islands of the Cyclades…



1e9f71b7-e961-443f-86cb-ca657e54e8eaBased on the picturesque, historical coastal town of Ermoupolis, an Unesco World Heritage site, you will walk on deserted ancient paths and trails, enjoy stunning mountain views and dramatic coastal scenery… come across ravishing wild herbs and flowers… encounter endemic wildlife… reach remote solitary beaches and coves with crystal clear waters.

d9f515bf-9e5d-4921-ba4c-bce2c1e4ae51Most hikes will take place at the northern part of island, called Apano Meria. It is a mountainous area with deserted ancient paths that lead through astonishing landscapes with abandoned terraces, ruined windmills, caves, bridges, steep rocky cliffs, springs and small gorges to the virgin beaches of the island… It is a NATURA 2000 protected area due to its flora and fauna which is rich in common and indigenous species.

The week will involve 2 days exploring of one of the most unknown and unspoilt islands in the Cyclades, Tinos…

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Read more about what you will experience at Syros and Tinos…


Some walking tours can require a fair amount of walking, and even though it can be done at a pace you are comfortable with, you may need to prepare your body before you go on holiday. If you are using a tour guide company, check with them on the fitness level required for their tours.

We like to work with our guests to create itineraries and walking holidays to suit their needs. For example, would you like a more challenging or a more relaxed-pace itinerary offering you more time to relax and spend time on the beach? Would you like to combine your holiday with any other activities such as swimming, snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, archeology, wildlife observations to give you a few examples?

Recommended things to pack

If you have chosen to use a professional tour company, your guide should provide a recommend list of items that you would need. For self-guided walking tours, here is our list of essential items to carry:

  • A pair of comfortable walking shoes or waterproof hiking boots,
  • A good effective brand of sunscreen to protect your skin,
  • A hat that provides effective cover from the sun,
  • Sunglasses to protect the eyes from UV exposure,
  • Depending on where you would be walking, insect repellent,
  • Comfortable clothes that is suitable for walking and include an all-weather jacket,
  • Bottled water, dried fruit or energy bars,
  • A camera.

Some of your holiday’s most memorable moments are experienced on walking tours which are often the true way to uncover the essence and history of a place.

If you wish to discuss the above or any other matter please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone at +30 6976 761492 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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