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“There is a kind of flame in Crete – let us call it “soul” – something more powerful than either life or death. There is pride, obstinacy, valor, and together with these something else inexpressible and imponderable, something which makes you rejoice that you are human being, and at the same time tremble.”
N. Kazantzakis, Cretan writer (Report to Greco)

We love Crete! We love it for the hospitable but proud people, the mountain goats gazing at the other-wordly views of the sea in the South, the ancient history of the mysterious Minoans, still seen in the ruins while you walk in the old towns of the North.

And then, it’s the vibrant music of the Cretan lyre capturing the soul of Crete, and the unforgettable tastes of the local cuisine accompanied by the olives, the raki and the local graviera cheese at the small village tavernas.


At the southern part of the Aegean Sea, Crete stands at the crossroad of Europe, Africa and Asia, combining the climate, landscapes and culture of these worlds and creating contrasts one cannot imagine. As creatively shown in the old promotional video about a young director wanting to film “Around the World in 80 days”, Crete is a world in an island.

In the region of Chania in late spring, you can find yourself sunbathing and swimming in the sea while looking at the snowy peaks of the White Mountains. You can walk by the rocky cliffs to find yourself at a sandy white beach with a coastal cedar forest.

You can see the ancient Minoan settlements, the Venetial harbour and fortifications with the Egyptian lighthouse and the minarets of the Mosques standing above the tiny houses of the old town.


Crete has always been a hikers’ destination. Being the largest and most mountainous island in Greece means that you can still find the quiet corners away from the city noise and big tourist groups, as long as you do the right research or you have a local, like-minded guide.

Whether you prefer shorter walks in order to see the diverse landscapes and experience the aromas of the Cretan flora, or you are more of a “mountain goat” type and prefer to hike until you have taken in all the images that you can, the options are endless.

The trail network of Crete – part of the European 4 trail – is there for you to discover walking along the coast, to the rustic villages, and through the gorges that have provided a haven for the wild but harmless fauna, for people in times of battle, and for travellers who want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the peacefulness of Cretan nature.

You will never get bored in Crete: there is always some new landscape or geological feature, some rare eco-system, or region of outstanding natural beauty and diverse habitat. Not to mention its rich history, unique character & culture of its people, numerous traditional villages, incredible coastline, fascinating colours of the Libyan sea… and the food!

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The range of natural spectacles on Crete – the rugged massifs, the gorges with their wildlife, pristine islets with sand-dunes and cedar trees, wetlands and forests of palms and oaks – produce unusual ecosystems all across the island: a heaven for nature lovers!

Explore with us some of these rarities – learn about the flora and fauna – discover the stories and legends they inspire under the guidance of our expert guide Melita…

Melita your guide is an environmentalist and also an animal activist. She has a passion about wildlife and a deep knowledge of the Cretan flora and fauna. Melita has been working as an eco tourist guide for many years now for worldwide tour operators. Apart from the culture and history of the island, she’ll introduce you to the rich flora and the rare animals of the island… such as the local wild goat, Kri kri, the Cretan tree frog, the Cretan Golden eagle to name a few…

Melita finally wishes to give you a hands-on experience of typical Cretan daily life and a feel for the “magic” and “spirit” of the island, its people and its amazing culture. You cannot leave without exploring inland, the mountainous villages and agricultural way of life and tasting the local olive oil, wine and local delicacies!

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“Thanks to beautiful Crete, dazzling blue and white, splashing of vibrant flora. But always a generous people, even in the face of tourist rudeness. We are so blessed by Loutro and its people! And without you – your creative problem solving, your commitment to choosing special activities, your willingness to spend all your time with us, your positive attitude and energy, our experience would have be so different. Many efharistos!” 2 June West Crete walking holiday, Ward and Gale, US

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